Mac Snobs: Proud of being different

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Are you a mac snob? I know I am.

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26 Responses to “Mac Snobs: Proud of being different”

  1. sacredgeometry Says:

    Haha wow this is …
    Haha wow this is retarded, all of these clowns should rearrange thier rectums they no matter how stylish you think you look they where not designed to be worn as hats.



  2. KingMicrosoft Says:


  3. BrunoMCPvideo Says:

    Perfectionism is a …
    Perfectionism is a quality!

  4. DontBeAWiseGuy Says:

    I dislike trying to …
    I dislike trying to fit an image or being trendy. That’s one thing that makes me a little apprehensive about getting a Mac - I don’t want to be sheep like the guy in this video with his aviator shades, sport jacket, bed head, Mac fanboyism and starbucks coffee on his breathe.

  5. cronaldo115 Says:

    i’m a perfectionist …
    i’m a perfectionist, we drive an 09 camry hybrid, i am very (very, very)picky about choosing the best bang for the buck and i choose to custom build pcs. so i don’t really agree with the stereotype.
    and the chinese guy is high xD

  6. supercoolsephirothis Says:

    People who build …
    People who build their own pc’s are superior than mac snobs.

  7. Buzardero Says:


  8. emirilyasov Says:

    mactards r gay
    mactards r gay

  9. albionsocean Says:

    I don’t share a lot …
    I don’t share a lot of the qualities that they use to describe these Mac users. I don’t drive a hybrid, I have an old beater. I don’t go to Starbucks, ever. I am not politically liberal. (Not terribly conservative, but definitely not that liberal.) I am curious about new things, so I tried a Mac years ago, liked it, and so stuck with it.

    Are Mac users considered snobs just because they tried an alternative product, and liked it? That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  10. jason3259 Says:

    i have a mac laptop …
    i have a mac laptop and a pc desktop so what does that make me?

  11. mitchanhero Says:

    >CAn someone really …
    >CAn someone really tell me the difference between macs and pcs coz i havnt got a bloody clue !

    Macs run a OS, called OS X. It is balls. Most PCs you buy from a store (meaning that you don’t put together) run Windows, an OK OS that runs everything. PCs can also run OS X and linux. Macs are often more expensive for the same power.

  12. freshramses Says:

    I don´t give a …
    I don´t give a about beeing snobby….maybe I am…so what? I love my Macbook because it´s a beautiful mobile computer and the OS is much much.

  13. finalgbster Says:

    does it really …
    does it really mater if its mac or pc a computers are computers. CAn someone really tell me the difference between macs and pcs coz i havnt got a bloody clue !

  14. theunholysoul Says:

    I am a MAC and PC …
    I am a MAC and PC user. What do they call me? HOMOMAC

  15. clixx13 Says:

    Oops- white or …
    Oops- white or black.

  16. clixx13 Says:

    Mac users are more …
    Mac users are more picky? Yeah, right. They dont have a choice in their computer; PC users can be picky about any aspect of their computer that they want, all the way down do the color of the components inside. I would call THAT ‘being particular’, not having the same white block everyone else has.

  17. qubbythetripeeater Says:

    im a UDJWNKM u no …
    im a UDJWNKM u no what that is?

  18. rbert16000 Says:

    I am a MCSE.. do …
    I am a MCSE.. do you even know what that is? Anyway. this gal is full of crap…

  19. rbert16000 Says:

    Go ahead… LOLOL
    Go ahead… LOLOL

  20. JasonWho13 Says:

    This makes me want …
    This makes me want to stick with Linux on pc.

  21. XIStEw13IX Says:

    right on brother, i …
    right on brother, i honestly think this vid was just an attempt at viral marketing for mac honestly.

    mac vs pc war is stupid, work for OS peace and harmony

  22. XIStEw13IX Says:

    it said they THINK …
    it said they THINK that they are more intellectual and superior.

  23. XIStEw13IX Says:

    there are plenty of …
    there are plenty of pc users with the same traits that these mac people are talking about, and if they would have interveiwed some die hard pc people they would have shown that. there will never be love between die hard mac and pc users because they are all snobs and particular and all think they are right and the other side is wrong.

    the mac vs. pc thing is silly and you are all snobs in the bad way.

  24. MGJulius Says:

    HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!!! …

  25. iBashPC Says:

    Sounds like the …
    Sounds like the upper 10% of society to me.

  26. posicionamiento web Says:

    champion linux, that windows pirated …

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