MacBreak Podcast: Macbook Air and Mac Snobs, The good kind

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Just listen, this is a great episode.

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20 Responses to “MacBreak Podcast: Macbook Air and Mac Snobs, The good kind”

  1. vahnx1337 Says:

    You mean the …
    You mean the $10,000 version has the SSD.

  2. epamir Says:

    don’t underestimate …
    don’t underestimate the speed of the macbook air.. it uses a solid state HD.. that’s a huge bottleneck for accessing your media or information. the faster your HD the faster your system! look up amdahl law of speedup. still for CPU intensive stuff you’ll need a pro but yeah if your just looking at photos and vids and surfing the web, definately use an air.

  3. lakercoolman Says:

    great podcast , leo …
    great podcast , leo lapote is awsome lol

  4. ki2594 Says:

    im a vista user cuz …
    im a vista user cuz it works great on my computer but mine looks exactly like a leopard computer. anyhoo my dad got the air last nite (not knowing anything about a mac) and he absolutely loves it saying its unbelievably fast…so its fast mann give it its props

  5. mrbit10 Says:

    It does look …
    It does look fantastic.

  6. mrbit10 Says:

    as for the numbers, …
    as for the numbers, early reports are not good, but again its market is small.
    MacBook Air sales dropping fast
    MacBook Air sales deflated
    The Air’s appeal just got thinner

    this is what I base some of my thought on, but as I said in my vid it is still too early. however, I am real about it rather than wishful thinking. If the air does well then great!

  7. mrbit10 Says:

    here is the …
    here is the difference emeek, I agree games stuff has issues and I admit to them, you however do not. I can accept a fav company of mine makes mistakes and if anything wants them to improve upon them. I can accept criticism, so what is the point of comparing criticisms of games?

  8. mrbit10 Says:

    they would not tell …
    they would not tell anyone to go out and get it, my fav line was “your expectations you need for this thing, you know….” I did highlight that because those lines are non-political non-hype. I am one that wants Apple to learn and get better from possible or perceivable mistakes as with its earlier ultra-p’s, the cube and etc. BMW & the rest have to do with its looks & I cannot deny that its build quality & looks are great, it says nothing about performance. So yes please DO go on.

  9. mrbit10 Says:

    I guess you do not …
    I guess you do not watch my vids, I tied his boot time and I did your app launch, nothing more can be said about it.
    It is what it is I have an old core duo nuff said.

  10. emeek77 Says:

    BULLSHIT. they had …
    BULLSHIT. they had twice as many good things to say as i have heard anywere.saying the same things everyone is? THEY LIKED IT. did you listen to the same podcast i did. of course they point out flaws but tehy all said it was wonderful. its for a certain crowd, JUST LIKE A GAMING PC. new news suggst teh games is only 14% market. so is all game computers bad? your crazy man. not to be rude, but you have never given th mac air credit. you need to. its changing things.

  11. emeek77 Says:

    “if i did stuff a …
    “if i did stuff a bunch online id want it”
    “its very peppy”
    “A BMW”
    “edits fine”
    ” I WANT ONE”
    “this is the future”
    shall i go on? you need to listen again. of course you cant recommend it to switchers> so now we are talking about switchers? bottom line. THEY LIKD IT. 3 out of 4 said they want one. if it dont fit you fine but that dont make it bad.

  12. wadeabbey Says:

    they are right …
    they are right about the build quality, when you shut it it is kinda like shutting the door on a Lexus.

  13. Brnboy313 Says:

    i watch the video …
    i watch the video podcast everyday, i love these guys they always speak the truth

  14. emeek77 Says:

    dude your being …
    dude your being bias by only quoting the negative. TEHY SATED TWICE AS MANY POSITIVES and they could not recommend it for SWITCHERS. did you hear about whatthey said. TEHY ALL LOVD IT.your taking it out of context how about you qute the good things they say. cant you accept your wrong about it? let me quote you some things to. want me too?

  15. emeek77 Says:

    The air is doing …
    The air is doing well, why do you refuse to give it props when even an expert likeleo likes it, says it nice, adn like the tv in the kitchen CANT YOU GET IT? even with wade proving it boots faster than the MBP you wont give it credit.. but you act like the air is dwinling and i cant find it in stock at any apple store. its no diff than any other sub notbook. i guess tehy are useless too? GAMES ARE A NINCH MARKET DUDE. i heres its dwindling TOO. give the air a break

  16. DeadFredVideo Says:


  17. mrbit10 Says:

    Yea they say pretty …
    Yea they say pretty much the same things I am hearing which does not fair well but hope it does well.
    every time I hear or read an analysis the niche market for the air gets smaller and smaller.
    quote “oh yea I should do that.” LMAO!!!! I know exactly what they are saying.

  18. mrbit10 Says:

    quote “we wouldn’t …
    quote “we wouldn’t say go out and get it to anybody.” I agree with them on macbook and not air for switchers quote “people would find too many obstacles and say if this is what the mac experience is then forget it.” and “your expectations you need for this thing, you know….” << Wow that says it all. Quote “If you purchase the apple drive … it doesn’t work with other computers…. what…. really?” << did not know that.

  19. niceveritt Says:

    One of the dudes …
    One of the dudes voices sounds like Brian off Family Guy.

  20. acousticriff Says:

    Agreed man, great …
    Agreed man, great stuff.

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