Report: Mac Owners Are Snobs

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According to new research, Mac users are, well, just like the guy in the
Mac ads.

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12 Responses to “Report: Mac Owners Are Snobs”

  1. jasonkarllees Says:

    im a windows useer …
    im a windows useer and proud and i buy my music

  2. allenepope Says:

    Mac users are also …
    Mac users are also much more likely to be homosexuals.

  3. jdeezyortizy Says:

    Yes, it’s true, I …
    Yes, it’s true, I rock.

  4. catbox Says:

    I own a Mac(s) …
    I own a Mac(s) because it works. Just a solid machine.

  5. lin2log Says:

    LOL… anyone …
    LOL… anyone admitting to be a PC-USER NOW is obviously a sad little lemming beeotch!!

    The research is true, through and through with nuthin’ to be ashamed of (at least for the Mac-users that is! lol!). We Maccies have a good reason for all of it too. We not only FEEL superior… we quite obviously ARE, as the rest shows…

    PC-users are herewith PWNED! :-))))

  6. TerenYoung Says:

    Wow, actually VERY …
    Wow, actually VERY true…Organic, Starbucks, Green, etc…and yes I own a Mac.

  7. Ryaneer Says:

    I’m a mac guy… …
    I’m a mac guy… and im ok with being snobbish hahaha

  8. NickRSim Says:

    Mac = Yuppies.

    Mac = Yuppies.


  9. liquidflorian Says:

    Mactards FTW!
    Mactards FTW!

  10. fritacatac Says:

    Windows sucks.
    Apple sucks because it’s too closed and proprietary.

    Linux rocks!

    BTW, I own a MBP but that’s not because of the software but the hardware, as I’m sorry, but Apple is really good at designing things (that’s probably what costs a lot to Mac users…)

  11. PC user Says:

    I’m here on a Toshiba PC… :) If only some of you “Apple Snobs” could be as nice as Steve Jobs. Being part of a band wagon you didn’t even start….. Unless Steve IS a jerk, but he seems nice, so… PC’s RULE!

  12. PC user Says:

    And Windows 7 runs very smooth… I’ve tried Apple laptops and PC’s… They’re brilliant… But….. I don’t feel like spending 1-5000 dollars on a Laptop that runs like the one I’m using now… Names of products don’t mean jack… How it PERFORMS is what matters… And for the record, I have owned iPod and own an iPod… I guess you need opposable thumbs for that, huh?… ;)

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