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TrueNuff once again takes on the new series of the “Get A Mac” Commercials. In this clip, PC finds it’s time for him to upgrade his hardware for Vista.

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25 Responses to “Mac Spoof: OS”

  1. EVILgnarlygnome Says:

    Sorry I …
    Sorry I misunderstood you there. Yeah I suppose if mac runs better for you (which it most probably does) fair enough.Personally if I could afford one I would get one. I thought you were one of those people who are like macs are the be all and end all thats why I responded like that. Personally I think they both have their cons and pros and if you prefer one to the other good because you are entitled to your preference.

  2. bolah1313 Says:

    By third world …
    By third world country are you talking about China. The same place where just about all computer parts come from. I have always said that using universal 3rd party parts is about cutting cost. Make sure you’ve completely read what I wrote before replying. What I did say is that Apple does use the best of the parts available from Intel, and others. You obviously don’t understand Apple’s customer base. They don’t want to upgrade. They buy good pc’s from the factory. Macs on average last 2x longer.

  3. karn33333 Says:

    Apple has its parts …
    Apple has its parts made in a 3rd world country. they also make everything the exact same as for as manufacturing thats about cutting cost not computer efficiency. I had a pair of air jordans they lasted me just as long as a $15 pair from payless. Charging more for cheap hardware doesn’t make it higher quality. Macs arn’t even all that upgradeable and the ones that are cost $3000 and even then you can’t upgrade the mother board case or psu.

  4. brassmachine7 Says:

    You are very wise …
    You are very wise to assume that, I meant that mac doesnt have some good alternatives, though thankfully that it changing. Windows has had all the good software for a long time.

    I know they are rather expensive, but I did the research, and they are excellent for music software, so I couldn’t resist the allure.

    Glad we are now on the same page. Can’t ever replace Windows, but as for the every day, I prefer Mac OS X.

  5. bolah1313 Says:

    most of the time …
    most of the time big companies will absorb part of all of their suppliers. What I was saying was that it’s cheaper to use common parts than proprietary. Apple doesn’t charge that much more for it’s computers. If you were to build say a dell with the same specs Macs are equal or less. Don’t over look bus speeds when doing this. Also Apple doesn’t sell bargain PCs. They are all built to the same standards. Think have you ever heard of a bargain Mercedes Benz. Even the cheap one isn’t cheap.

  6. EVILgnarlygnome Says:

    I find that hard to …
    I find that hard to believe that mac has certain applications that have no good window alternative at all considering a lot of non-free software is windows compatible. Also the reason you don’t have to worry about virus is because people haven’t made as many viruses for mac as they have for windows. I do agree that windows performance can be crap and annoying and thats why I am trying to learn to use linux (its free and I can install it on anything i like) rather than spend a grand on a mac.

  7. brassmachine7 Says:

    Of course you would …
    Of course you would want windows for DMC4, and it is useful being able to run certain applications that have no good mac alternative yet (though games are about the only thing, and even those are slowly being made Mac friendly) and of course DMC4 is for pc and consoles only, so if you want to play it you will need windows. The only justifiable reason is a matter of personal preference. Mac, to me, just performs so much better without the need for virus protection, and etc.

  8. EVILgnarlygnome Says:

    Your were replying …
    Your were replying to the fact that MAC can play DMC4 because of boot camp, correct me if I’m wrong, i am pretty sure the OS you would want to run on boot camp is windows and a lot of people would use boot camp to run windows and also you probably need windows to run DMC4. I am yet to see a reason to justify spending more on a mac.

  9. marki9997 Says:

    leopard only needs …
    leopard only needs a fraction of the system requirements that vista does

  10. brassmachine7 Says:

    Any OS. That was …
    Any OS. That was the point I was making. I fail to see how you win the argument.

  11. EVILgnarlygnome Says:

    And what does boot …
    And what does boot camp help run on your mac again? yeah thats right keep trying mac fanboy.

  12. karn33333 Says:

    actually the bigger …
    actually the bigger a company is the more likely they will come out with their own stuff like ibm has ibm hard drives, monitors, sound cards, like you mentioned processors laptops and more. the hard drive is actually really fun when you stop to consider in ibm computers almost all of the time you will find WD hdds in the ibm computers. but anyway how can they charge so much for hardware when they don’t invent it? white label for example is usually the cheapest hdd, where as apple cost way more.

  13. bolah1313 Says:

    Well if you think …
    Well if you think about it Apple isn’t any different from any other PC Company. They all use hardware invented by someone else. Apple is too big to focus all it’s attention on building better video cards, etc. like the companies that specialize in those areas. Apple’s innovation has always been at simplifying Software, Human interface, Usability, and designing elegant user friendly and easily integrated hardware. It’s these things that set them apart not their manufacture list.

  14. karn33333 Says:

    LOL dude ur funny. …
    LOL dude ur funny. ur talking about the AIM alliance which was an epic failure. since the only software that did run on those cpus ran just as well as on the intel ones there was no point in using prep. Even apple who kept beating a dead horse eventually switched to intel chips in 2006. as for the boxes, system boards, and OS thats about trying to obtain a monopoly not smoother running tech. Since apple is implementing pc tech rather then inventing their own its sad that it cost 4x as much.

  15. bolah1313 Says:

    Why do people focus …
    Why do people focus in on this right click thing like its such a big deal. The reason there wasn’t a right click on the Mac’s mice is because in the earlier OS’s there wasn’t a need for it. In both OSs you can get things done without ever right clicking. It’s just a quick way of getting to a menu. On the Mac when context menus were added in the 80’s you could right click. And, two button mice have been supported, without the need of drivers, since before PC’s figured out what plug-n-play meant.

  16. bolah1313 Says:

    No, Actually Apple, …
    No, Actually Apple, Motorola, and IBM partnered to build RISC CPUs named Power PC to rival Intel. IBM still uses it’s CPUs in all the Next Gen game consoles and it’s Super Computers, which are the worlds fastest. For the other stuff you mentioned. It’s cheaper to use those specialized companies, like everyone else, Rather than having proprietary HW. Apple designs their own boxes, system boards, and OS. The OS is what makes all that similarity different and work together more smoothly.

  17. karn33333 Says:

    Actually I’m not …
    Actually I’m not wrong if you look at the inventors of all of their hardware you will notice its all pc companies. Even in the apple 2 their processor was made by Motorola. The hdd, ram, cpu, psu, usb, pci, agp, mca, and video cards where all invented by pc companies. Just because apple makes sure that only apple hardware can be installed doesn’t make it different just altered.

  18. bladedude101 Says:

    No, you are wrong, …
    No, you are wrong, Mac uses special designed hardware that disallows easy upgration, its closed hardware, it may be based the same as pc, but its closed and only mac is allowed to produce for it, that way you can’t have other companies building cheaper product and possibly less reliable product. Mac has started expanding though, into intel and thus allowing more upgrading. Mac is slowly catching on, only took them about 23 years to learn how to right click.

  19. karn33333 Says:

    yes graphic card …
    yes graphic card means something to, does mother board mean anything to you? How about psu, or system fan, or case? btw not all video cards in a mac are upgradeable a lot of them are integrated without an additional port to make them upgradeable. why the would anyone get a “damn 360″ when they have a computer? a computer can play ANY game out there for any console ever made. Since all mac hardware is pc hardware (as in not invented by apple but pc) using bootcamp turns ur mac into a pc.

  20. BorkGonsam Says:


  21. stephy4lyfe Says:

    graphics card mean …
    graphics card mean anything to you dipshit

  22. brassmachine7 Says:

    Yes, it can. Boot …
    Yes, it can. Boot Camp.

    Besides, get a 360.

  23. karn33333 Says:

    hard drive and …
    hard drive and memory stick doesn’t count as being upgradeable.

  24. santa009 Says:

    hmm.., yeah… and …
    hmm.., yeah… and mac can’t play DMC4.

  25. slayersdeath Says:

    macs can be …
    macs can be upgraded dipshit

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