How to Choose Accessories for the iPhone 3G

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There is an insane amount of accessories for the new iPhone. This is how to choose the ones to keep your phone safe and sound.

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14 Responses to “How to Choose Accessories for the iPhone 3G”

  1. QueenHilary Says:

    i have a question.. …
    i have a question…
    im like a really clumsy person and i had the HTC touch phone and i dropped it 1ce and the inside screen cracked and went black, i was wondering if i get the iphone would that happen? and i would deffinatley get the rubber case :)
    and thanks this was very useful

  2. chopsuey061987 Says:

    very informative!!! …
    very informative!!! Good Job!

  3. Fr0mFirstoLast22 Says:

    what kind of case …
    what kind of case is that and where di u buy?

  4. Ryan7252 Says:

    i got the isee by …
    i got the isee by contour designs…..

  5. platzie Says:

    image working at …
    image working at the apple store and some bloke comes in to ask what he should get if he throws his iphone around the room alot…..

  6. xmattycorex Says:

    yep, my buddy has …
    yep, my buddy has one too and you can’t tell it’s there, but it does protect the screen from scratches greatly!

  7. chrism2012 Says:

    yeah it would
    yeah it would

  8. BoDanglesssss Says:

    really helpful
    but …

    really helpful
    but would it work well if i put a invisibleshield thing on the front of my iPhone and a rubber case on the back ??????!!!! some comment me or something and let me kno PLEASE!!!!

  9. kiqe87 Says:

    which …

    which headphones would you recomend..
    would be really helpfull

  10. MagikGir Says:

    where do you get …
    where do you get the compressed air?

    p.s. i love your iphone 3g videos!

  11. ThaBlu3NiNjA Says:

    Sweet, the case you …
    Sweet, the case you have in the beginning is the one ive been watching. Thanks for the video, it helps alot!

  12. monkeyseevideos Says:

    Apple store for the …
    Apple store for the case. I bought the headphone jack at an airport. You can get them on ebay for like 3 bucks.

  13. FortuneHunters Says:

    Two questions: …
    Two questions: where to get that rubber case that you are showing at the start? and where to buy that headphone jack at the end? the headphone that came with the phone couldn’t fit in my ears…

  14. Familygy3319 Says:

    nice, really …
    nice, really helpful!

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