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What are some good options for accessories such as a keyboard, mouse, and a speaker set? Watch to find out!

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22 Responses to “Mac Accessories”

  1. illmagnified Says:

    honestly, macs are …
    honestly, macs are becoming more and more like pcs as they progress. No more specialized G4 and G5 processors, they are using Intel’s for all the mac loves/pc haters get a life and realize the only thing that differs now is the Operating System. Macs should give up and hand over there company to Bill Gates due to the fact they are basing there hardware model for there “Macs” from their rival of the PC- hahaha Macs live by the saying- “Cant beat..Join Them and give up” HA!

  2. clowncorn Says:

    nice desk, its so …
    nice desk, its so hard finding a nice desk for the imac.

  3. charliejones1996 Says:

    i dont like macs i …
    i dont like macs i like PC’s!

  4. PSPSlimLover Says:

    actually wat he did …
    actually wat he did was that thing he put as his *stand* for the imac is actually a shelf…but nick was smart to use it as a display stand

  5. IamBec88 Says:

    You look hot here, …
    You look hot here, Nick!

  6. nickdanforth Says:

    I recommend both, …
    I recommend both, but for different purposes. The MacBook is a great portable machine for general purposes, and even some design work. I will be purchasing a new one to replace my iMac. However, the new iMacs are amazing for all sorts of work, intensive and basic.

  7. viciousdave119 Says:

    Thanks Nick.
    Thanks Nick.

  8. nickdanforth Says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the question, I’ll write it down and answer it in an episode!

  9. viciousdave119 Says:

    Nick. Which web …
    Nick. Which web cam should I get? I plan on getting a Mac Pro, and I will need a really good web cam to use with it. Now that the iSight is no longer sold seperately from Apple, I am wondering what I should buy.

  10. NitRamDenGale Says:

    I would also …
    I would also recommend the Logitech Z2300 2.1 sound system, which in my humble opinion plays the socks of the Harman Kardon Soundsticks…

  11. milagroelstak Says:

    Great Video!
    Great Video!

  12. Neigeblackswan Says:

    Nice jazzy intro …
    Nice jazzy intro doood! ^_^

  13. XgusX Says:

    oh my god you have …
    oh my god you have the desktop clean, i need to learn that :P

  14. recordingengineer Says:

    wow your such a nerd
    wow your such a nerd

  15. alexculbreth1 Says:

    what cam do you use …
    what cam do you use to video your show.

  16. chris11g Says:

    lol Tell me bout it!
    lol Tell me bout it!

  17. himanshu9009 Says:

    good work!!!
    good work!!!

  18. donnyboyblue Says:

    sup Nick, I got a …
    sup Nick, I got a IMac for Christmas and it came loaded with Tiger OS and a disk for Leopard…..however when I loaded Leopard now am experiencing freeze ups….any suggestions til I get a hold of Apple to see what they want to do? Hate having to keep doing forced shutdowns….peace out.

  19. JTP1193 Says:

    The wireless …
    The wireless keyboard is awesome…!

  20. rogersvids Says:

    You should check …
    You should check out the bose companion 2. I hava a pair, and I’m really impressed with the sound. They’re also pretty sleek too.

  21. cenerino54 Says:

    you actually should …
    you actually should check bose companion 5 , even if someone says bose is i’d bet them to try and discuss about companion 5 . i have a pair and i am really happy about it!

  22. darekdude Says:

    nice mac. i want …
    nice mac. i want one badly :) do you recommend a new imac or a macbook when leopard comes out ? can you make a video on that please :)

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