Macintosh 128

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The first of my vintage Macintosh collection. This computer happens to be an original Macintosh 128 from 1984. With all the accessories.

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29 Responses to “Macintosh 128”

  1. Lachlant1984 Says:

    I understand that …
    I understand that the RAM chips were soldered on the motherboard, you couldn’t replace them, you couldn’t upgrade the memory, at least that’s what I’ve heard.

  2. MacintoshDan Says:

    I got me a 512Ke …
    I got me a 512Ke with an ImageWriter II. I wish I had a 128k too, though. How awesome.

  3. RockinBlueKat Says:

    I have a 512Ke mac …
    I have a 512Ke mac in a 128k case(it says “Macintosh” on back instead of 512K)…

    Mine’s not discolored… like at all… but sadly it has some jerk’s drivers license number etched into the case directly above the display. :-(

  4. TomS773smith Says:

    do you know where i …
    do you know where i can get the original programs like mac paint and mac write??
    is there a website or something??

    iff not do you know wehre i can buy them?


  5. olcornaby Says:

    faster than vista …
    faster than vista lol

  6. m9078jk3 Says:

    Here is a …
    Here is a website-macmothership
    Also Home page of gamba is a good site for very old system disks.

  7. valliseasons1 Says:

    yeah, but he’s gone …
    yeah, but he’s gone again now :-( that sucks! he had great macs to show off!

  8. kornfreakforever Says:

    hell yea it is.
    yea it is.

  9. rivest266 Says:

    That costs around …
    That costs around $3,500 with the printer.

  10. marceloyanez111 Says:

    dude how can u use …
    dude how can u use a 128 for 1 year dude i cant survive without internet

  11. jacobdallen Says:

    I know. But then …
    I know. But then again, he has a job, and not much time on his hands. He has an eBay account. It’s under the name:


  12. macosx91 Says:

    I paid $20.00 …
    I paid $20.00 dollars for this computer at a garage sale back in 2001 or 02 I believe.

  13. lilymu666 Says:

    Oh what I’d give to …
    Oh what I’d give to have one of these…
    All i got is Mini Vmac and a ROM i downloaded of of the internet.

  14. TomS773smith Says:

    hey it’s me again. …
    hey it’s me again.

    umm, are these floppys the same size as the ones that u buy today??

  15. me748 Says:

    i have a macintosh …
    i have a macintosh 512k 1986
    macintosh SE 1987
    macintosh classic 1990

  16. TomS773smith Says:


    that’s …

    that’s great to know. I would have never guessed.

    thanks for all you’re help.

  17. macosx91 Says:

    Yep, the disk are …
    Yep, the disk are the same (physical) SIZE 3.5″ floppy disk you can get today. However the only difference is that you will have to cover up the second hole in them (I use tape) to get the machine to recognize them. That is because the “new” floppy disk are 1.4 MB and the one’s that this computer will read are 400k. You will just have to cover the second hole and format them to 400k by putting them into the drive. That’s all there is to it.

  18. dude52 Says:

    I HAVE to get me …
    I HAVE to get me one of these. Anyone know where I can get one? (Except for Ebay)

  19. m9078jk3 Says:

    If you’re really …
    If you’re really lucky you might find one at a swap meet or a thrift store.
    However many thrift stores don’t carry old computers because to dispose of them they are considered hazardous waste and have to pay a fee for disposal.

  20. me748 Says:

    cool mac.
    i see …

    cool mac.
    i see the original 128s go up to almost $200
    on ebay.

  21. TomS773smith Says:


    it’s me …

    it’s me again

    do u have a macintosh classic II in you’re collction??

    just wondering because i’m desiding what computer to get.


  22. ToastmachineIdiot Says:

    Mac 128!
    Sweeet! I …

    Mac 128!
    Sweeet! I always wanted one!

  23. m9078jk3 Says:

    You got a deal on …
    You got a deal on that Macintosh.
    Now they are worth several hundred dollars.
    I have 2 of them serial numbers 2336 and 5132 on the logic boards (pre 6000 series) which say 1983 Apple Computer.

  24. montysport94 Says:


  25. TomS773smith Says:

    i’m interested …

    i’m interested in getting one of these.
    how much did you pay for this?? was it more than $100??
    sorry iff that’s a stupid question.

  26. Doug Hyde Says:

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