Mac Users Are Snobs Rebuttal

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4 Responses to “Mac Users Are Snobs Rebuttal”

  1. simpleplanet Says:

    Well, not every mac …
    Well, not every mac users are rich and BCBG, at least, not me. XD
    In my country, that’s not hard to have a mac, cause u can buy a second-hand mac without having lots of money ;-)

  2. yukonboy03 Says:

    you are beautiful, …
    you are beautiful, whoever you are. be my girlfriend and ill buy you nice things, and rub your feet, and show you the whole wide world web on my Alienware hahaha

  3. ThisMetalGuy Says:

    Its true. Mostly, …
    Its true. Mostly, Mac users usually have more money than PC users, mainly because Macs cost, at the least, $1100 for the lowest type of mac. Don’t critize me, I use a mac, but that’s what I think

  4. newmac Says:

    Mac Snobs? Really …
    Mac Snobs? Really its about appreciation of elegance.
    There a millions of sloppy ways to do a task; but mac developers usually hit on the perfect most elegant solution.
    We appreciate that. It makes us say; “Amazing”!; that was perfect; truly elegant. The software solves your problem instantly without creating others. Task done. Time to appreciate your 3D screensaver…;-) Meanwhile your PC friend is frustrated he can’t get his spreadsheet to open because of some virus infection on his computer.

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