Mac VS PC: The Street article

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Make your video responses! Don’t mind my hair, it goes haywire in the heat. It’s true, Mac users like to look GOOD.

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17 Responses to “Mac VS PC: The Street article”

  1. AbeltheWilling Says:

    I would Medias but …
    I would Medias but I can’t for 3 good reasons…one:I have a pc….two:no camera…three:I’m to unhappy with the way I look right now anyways…

  2. moronicmoron Says:

    You guys are the …
    You guys are the best! =]
    Emeek, I’m waiting for the PC fanboys to come around but they all know they’re no match for any of us.

    Mrbit, white strips haven’t worked for me but baking soda toothpaste is wonderful!

  3. Robertd63 Says:

    hes got a wife and …
    hes got a wife and kids.. Lol

  4. dragonballjiujitsu Says:

    Pretty cool video. …
    Pretty cool video. Got me thinking, I think I’ll do a video response tonight.

    I also agree with Emeek on all points. Keep up the good work.

  5. Bahlof Says:

    I think somebody …
    I think somebody has a crush.

  6. emeek77 Says:

    Not many level head …
    Not many level head ladies do mac videos like you. Its nice to see someone like yourself, like the rest of us that is, doing this. Not many females into the whole tech game and I think its great your getting involved. I see a great following in your future. Try to ignore the pc fanboys, you DO know what your talking about. Your kind of a pioneer of sorts. Maybe youll bring more females into teh game. cheers.

  7. jackatmac32 Says:

    nice vid. keep up …
    nice vid. keep up the good work.

  8. mrbit10 Says:

    do crest white …
    do crest white strips work well???

  9. mrbit10 Says:

    ditto :)
    ditto :)

  10. FatherToaSon Says:

    Just wanted to say …
    Just wanted to say you make very interesting videos, you have alot of stuff that matters to say. And its nice you take pride in your geekiness. Its hope your videos also makes other female mac people come out . When i have time i will make an video response ofcourse. See you around. Take Care. Keep up this awsome video stuff you do now. its appriciated. You make a difference :)

  11. lazlow1988 Says:

    Ps.. Starbucks …
    Ps.. Starbucks coffee tastes gross.

  12. lazlow1988 Says:

    This just in: sky …
    This just in: sky is blue, ice cream has no bones. More in thirty minutes.

    Everything has its own proponents, Mac just happens to have very vocal ones. And I think those Mac vs PC ads are an enabler.

  13. moronicmoron Says:

    Yes! Please do :)

    Yes! Please do :)
    I was trying to make a room tour video until I somehow screwed up my camera card :S. I deleted some things and it still says my card is full.. strange.

  14. macward66 Says:

    Ill try and make a …
    Ill try and make a response tonight

  15. moronicmoron Says:

    In* IN my geekiness …
    In* IN my geekiness. XD

  16. moronicmoron Says:

    That’s part of why …
    That’s part of why I decided to do this… why is there a lack of female Mac users who care about computers?!

    It’s sad, I take pride of my geekiness.

  17. macward66 Says:

    cool, a mac chick :)
    cool, a mac chick :)

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