Macworld Video: Mac snobbery?

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Are Mac users snobs? Or do we just appreciate the finer things in life? Brian Chen explores the question.

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26 Responses to “Macworld Video: Mac snobbery?”

  1. rustyrobato93 Says:

    mac users are snobs.
    mac users are snobs.

  2. shepleytom Says:

    iv had a macbook …
    iv had a macbook pro for about 6 months, and this is only because iv hated vista ever since its been released. XP was awsome when it came out and i still think that it is better than os x tiger, but now its a different story. leopard is superior over vista, and if you can afford a mac then buy one. why should i have to put up with the bullshit of vista

  3. DavinTerrizzi Says:

    Mac = OS X = UNIX = …
    Mac = OS X = UNIX = better OS fundamentally

  4. arranmc182 Says:

    ment to say better …
    ment to say better than Mac or Windows lol typo

  5. hansanity Says:

    huh? linux is …
    huh? linux is better than linux i’m confused

  6. hansanity Says:

    your right ubuntu …
    your right ubuntu is easier i run linux on a lot of my “stuff” but for those only semi-computer-literate find macs very easy to use because a lot of the core function happen on their own ….i was re-reading your first reply and i thought “hey wait pay more money just for a gui hey isn’t that why people bought vista?!”

  7. KingMicrosoft Says:

    look it is not my …
    look it is not my fault you are a n00b. But ubuntu is a distro of linux that is not so hard.

  8. hansanity Says:

    linux….hahaha…. …
    linux….hahaha….i think people buy macs for their ease of use….sure linux can have a cool GUI but i mean come on everything in source too hard…i have a pc i love it but i have learned a lot about mac and they’re seeming more appealing everyday….vista is a disaster…xp for life

  9. KingMicrosoft Says:

    Not everyone wants …
    Not everyone wants to pay more money for a pretty GUI plus linux can do everything mac can do and it is free.

  10. xStupkid Says:

    At home I use Linux …
    At home I use Linux and Mac OSX. At work I use Solaris, AIX, and Windows. I recently got into the Mac thing and I would say I am not their typical demographic. I have tech skills and I don’t look at a computer like an appliance. IMHO Mac OSX, as a general rule, just works and that is very addictive. The older I get the less I like to screw with things that should just work.

  11. Kzb75 Says:

    most of us aren’t …
    most of us aren’t snobs,

    allot are educated consumers, we just care enough about the Quality of what kind of computer we use,

    read consumer reports. about the mac

    nobody wants to use or buy a home appliance or product that is flawed right out of the box?

    MAC’s are better than PC’s is like saying a Honda Civic is better than a Ford Escort.

    It just is,
    so don’t think too far into it.

  12. arranmc182 Says:

    Linux i would say …
    Linux i would say can be better than Linux or windows if you can use it

  13. macnerd93 Says:

    i’m called a Snob, …
    i’m called a Snob, just because i use macs over PC’s and am called spoilt just cos I have 5 macs. I appreciate everything my parents do

  14. siggisaeti Says:

    I love you to …
    I love you to lin2log!

  15. mexinco Says:

    do you ever see a …
    do you ever see a mac? do you know them?

  16. TheMightyM94 Says:

    MACS RULES!!!!!!!!! …
    MACS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. baneXii Says:

    get one
    get one

  18. trick677 Says:

    My argument is that …
    My argument is that PC has infinitely better hardware and PC is a lot cheaper, and you get nearly the same thing (there isn’t a single program exclusive to Mac that doesn’t have a nearly as good alternative to Windows).

    “Are Mac users snobs? Or do we just appreciate the finer things in life?”

    I laugh at this as the line itself is

  19. hansanity Says:

    im seriously …
    im seriously wondering why anyone would buy a new pc… macs can run parallels anyway…mac gui pwn pc i have both so idk..

  20. JPSmonkey111 Says:

    Dude, your telling …
    Dude, your telling me! I am writing this from a Mac Book Pro! MACS are the future. Not hte PC sucks, but Macs are just plain cool. And you can run Windows on it, so you can play ALL the games windows owners can.

    Whats your arguement now, windows?

    And, go away stupid Windows fanboys, this is a Mac video, for Mac users only!

  21. sushantvn Says:

    hahaha.. I am a new …
    hahaha.. I am a new mac user.. I enjoyed this..

  22. fullmetaljacker Says:

    Yeah, Well aren’t …
    Yeah, Well aren’t home builders more particular.
    I mean, they are building there own PC from parts they picked out. While when you have a Mac the HD and Memory are the only things that can be changed.

    Emm? I have a theory Mac users think there more supieor because they spent more on a simple machine, so they don’t wanna look dumb for paying more. They just brag about more and how a Mac is better. Oh Btw I’m gonna go Game on my pc and run programs that macs can’t dang I sure do wish i had 1

  23. premium92 Says:

    Macs are so …
    Macs are so inferior get over it pussies.

  24. killervacuum Says:


  25. tenkikun Says:

    What if im so picky …
    What if im so picky on my computer so i want to buid it myself AND i want to be able to play games on it and im not sold out by the visual aspect of the OS?
    BTW why isnt a mac a PC? i think you need to say IBM instead of PC like you do.

  26. mac repairs in manchester Says:

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