Welcome (some of you) to the Apple Snob blog

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Welcome to the Apple Snob blog.

If you happened to find your way here whilst using a PC, please leave now.

We’re asking nicely. You don’t belong here. And you’re not welcome.

No hard feelings.

We are Apple snobs. Proud Apple snobs

The idea that the user of a PC would actually be looking at this site fills us with dread. And, frankly, pity.

We would prefer this blog only be viewed with a high-end Mac computer.

It is not your fault, PC users, that due to some shortcoming, whether genetic or otherwise, that have you not seen yourself clear to use the miracle that is a Mac computer. Perhaps you have only recently acquired opposable thumbs. Perhaps it was a childhood trauma. Whatever it is, we feel pity (and to be honest, a pinch of disdain), and we wish you well. As we wish you farewell.

And for you Mac users, hear this.

You are all welcome here. However, if you’re using anything but the highest end of the MacBook Pro, iMac, or your configuration of your Mac Pro cost under five thousand, we will tolerate you, just as many to-the-manor-born must tolerate a younger, slightly addled, sibling. (Note: We will make an exception for MacBook Air users who have not gone for the more expensive model, because, frankly if you own either model, you’ve already exhibited the kind of attitude we encourage.)

If it’s a Mac, we want it, we must have it, we will have it. Price be damned.

We prefer shopping for our Macs, monitors, and accessories at an Apple store whenever possible. Of course, there are some things not available at these emporia of all that is good. For those things we must, sadly, purchase elsewhere. We will let you know of the must-haves for any self-respecting Apple snob. Please refrain from any mention of purchasing at discount, as it is beneath us.

We at Apple snobs are viewing this blog on 30 inch Apple Cinema Displays. We trust you are as well.

We will have much to say about what you should (and shouldn’t) acquire to be a true Apple snob and indulge yourself in all things Mac.

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